Friday, October 22, 2010

Farewell, Thee Sunn Model T..

This amplifier is my "White Horse." I have had numerous chances to put my hands on one, and every single time I get within a day or two of obtaining it... someone ruins it for me. I have very little faith in people, to begin with. Every time someone offers up more of their parent's money, that I can't match, and takes one out from under me, I lose more and more patience with humanity. The first time I played one of these, it was kind of like driving a Ferrari, everything you did on it was right. It rolled, it sang, it was a perfect unity between my hands, my guitar, and the amplifier. Nothing sounded bad. I was happy for a short while. Ever since playing that particular amp, I've been groping the internet searching for one, at a reasonable price. People have these things so over-inflated, it's almost impossible to get your hands on one, anymore. I guess this post is my version of a "Farewell" to this amplifier, because I am finished looking for it. I've completely given up hope on owning one, and frankly, it would probably piss me off every time I looked at. So, fuck it. Venting is something I have to do.

Long Days, and Pleasant Nights..



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